Korea Watershine Covered BB Foundation Course

Korea Watershine Covered BB Foundation and Blusher 1-Day Course

Course Overview

Korean Watershine Covered BB Glow Foundation is one of the most popular beauty aesthetic treatments in Korea that provides immediate skin brightening results and achieving radiant and pore-less skin. It is a form of semi-permanent make-up procedure whereby pigments of your desired tone is delivered deep into your skin through a Micro Therapy System (MTS) with nano microneedles that creates thousands of microscopic channels in your skin for absorption of active ingredients - resulting in blemish-free, brighter and glowing skin.

In our course, you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge of performing the BB Glow treatment using the device and pairing of serums to skin tones. Our BB Glow serums are Korean FDA approved (KFDA) and uses 100% safe and natural ingredients with formulas that are proven to deliver results. Besides BB Glow treatment, we will also cover usage of the administration of the latest Salmon DNA serums, widely known as Baby Skin Booster (婴儿针 ), capable of restoring youthful baby skin. You will also be trained in adding Skin Blushers using the MTS device and our Korean Blush serum. This treatment has no pain and no downtime.

Discover the technology and proven treatment protocols of BB Glow and related treatments by joining us in this course to gain the skills and proven techniques of performing the treatment along with basic skin preparation for the treatment, possible combination aesthetic techniques and the appropriate settings for different types of skin conditions.

Topics Covered

  • Understand what is Korean Semi-Permanent Make-up BB Glow and Blush application
  • Understand BB Glow and Blush treatment benefits
  • Understand the usage of Salmon DNA serum with MTS device and its benefits
  • Proven Treatment protocols
  • Understand possible aesthetic technique combinations
  • Contra-indications of the treatment
  • Pre and Post advice of the treatment

Outcome of the Course

  • Be equipped with the skills and knowledge of performing the treatment
  • Understand the concept of the treatment
  • Able to confidently explain the benefits of BB Glow, Blush and Salmon DNA to clients
  • Able to perform the BB Glow Foundation and related MTS treatment confidently
  • Gain knowledge in combining the treatment with various aesthetic techniques
  • Understand contra-indications for the treatment
  • Understand Pre and Post advices of the treatment

No Pre-Entry Requirements

Course Materials

  • Course Notes
  • 1 Set of Micro Therapy System with 10 Microneedle Tips
  • 1 Set of BB Glow Foundation Serum and Blush
  • 1 Set of Salmon DNA serum
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Course Fees: S$1500
  • Certificate of Completion provided at end of course

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