Beauty Machines for Hair Removal

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SHR Hair Removal

SHR Painless Laser Super Hair Removal machine from Korea. Featuring rapid pulse in-motion technology for painless hair removal treatments. Superior to regular IPL devices. Features dual handpiece - 2nd handpiece for Super Skin Rejuvenation treatments.

Dynamic Ex SHR Hair Removal Beauty Machine

Dynamic Ex 3-in-1

The Dynamic Ex 3-in-1 device from Korea features Optimal Pulse Technology (OPT) to deliver painless Super Hair Removal and Super Skin Rejuvenation treatments. The machine comes equipped with 2 SHR handpieces for multi-area laser hair removal treatments and another SSR handpiece for Skin Rejuvenation. This device uses high quality German made Xenon lamps to ensure that your laser treatments provide quality results.



Lucent Beam LED Hair Removal

The Lucent Beam LED Hair Removal machine features picosecond LED technology for permanent hair removal treatments. It is the latest innovation in hair removal treatments and surpassed the results of IPL and SHR Hair Removal treatments. Achieve results which are 5x faster than regular SHR Hair Removal and 10x faster than IPL.